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Marine Safety Division, Naples Maine
21 Village Green
PO Box 1757
Naples, Maine 04055
Office (207)693-6364 Ext 114/ CCRCC (207) 893-2810
Shawn R. Hebert – Harbor Master

Welcome to the Town of Naples and the Lakes Region of Maine. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here and experience everything the region has to offer. If you are spending you time on one of the many lakes and ponds in the area, please be sure you and your guests are safe and properly prepared for any emergencies while on the water. I encourage you to ensure your boats or watercraft have all of the appropriate life safety devices as well as your current registrations and Invasive Aquatic Plants Sticker (If required). Please be sure to follow all of the State and Federal boating rules and laws. We want to be sure you, your family and your guests come back and visit Naples and the Lakes Regions for years to come.

If you have any non-emergent questions, comments, concerns, or complaints please do not hesitate to contact to stop one of our Marine Safety Division personnel if you are out on the water, or contact us by any of the following means: Phone call or Email or Marine VHF Channel 9 (If a Deputy is on duty). If you have a boating emergency please call 911. Enjoy your time and boater safety is everyone’s responsibility, please be sure to do your part.

Shawn R. Hebert
Harbor Master
Naples Marine Safety Division

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Naples Marine Safety Division is to provide proactive education to the recreational boating community, reactive enforcement of the rules and laws of the State of Maine and the Town of Naples as well as emergency response in the event of a water emergency within the territorial waters of the Town of Naples.